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Anthony has spoken at venues large and small. Much in demand, he makes the complex understandable. He not only enlightens, he increases empathy. You would be hard pressed to find a more authoritative voice on diversity and inclusion, as well as an engaging speaker that also embraces his vulnerabilities. 

Reach out to discover how Anthony can help make your workplace gain a better education regarding inclusion, being your authentic self, unbiased work environments, and so much more.

The Impact of Unconscious Bias on Diversity & Inclusion 

“Diversity is being invited to the party; Inclusion is being asked to dance” coined by Vernā Meyers, Esq., a nationally recognized expert on diversity and inclusion, demonstrates the necessity for us not to look at diversity as a one and done solution to meet an organization’s diversity’s so much more than that.  Inclusion takes that diversity and mixes it all together drawing out the uniqueness everyone brings to an organization, lifting up its employees and successfully moving the organization forward towards social and financial success.  Join us as we explore unconscious bias – discussing what it is; how we address it in our everyday lives and how we can address it in our workplaces & in recruiting. Be prepared for a lively, interactive, and very important discussion about unconscious bias.


  • Clearly define & discuss unconscious bias

  • Gain an understanding of the concept of unconscious bias and its impact towards our everyday lives and our diverse workplaces

  • Discussing examples of unconscious bias / why we should case about these biases / Now what

  • How biases have an impact in recruitment.​

  • To realize we all have biases, own our own activity & commit to action.

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The Importance of Inclusion and Being Your True Authentic Self

Organizations that embrace diversity open the door to endless possibilities that can drive professional and financial success. However, without inclusion, that door becomes revolving and organizations may find their efforts are seen as “talk” with very little action. In this interactive presentation, We will discuss inclusion and its impact on an organization’s retention along with higher levels of engagement and civility.  We'll explore the use of storytelling as a means to express our true authentic selves by sharing our experiences with one another allowing for more transparency, better communication, greater understanding, encouraging civility, and more compassion and empathy. It is true that sharing stories makes us vulnerable, but this is where real trust starts. The shortest distance between two people is a story.   We all have our own stories to tell.  Join us and share your powerful stories of diversity and inclusion.



  • Discuss the importance of inclusion and how it drives professional and financial success.

  • Exploring diversity & inclusion to better understand their impact on employee engagement and retention.

  • A discussion on how to use storytelling to put forth your authentic self and encourage transparency & trust from your colleagues.

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Having Difficult Conversations Surrounding Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Race

We have to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.  A person’s success can often be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations they are willing to have with others.  Organizations need to take the time to educate their employees about inclusion, diversity, and equity. All three include having those tough uncomfortable conversations.  One of the only ways that we will move the needle in the right direction is by having conversations that embrace our stories while expressing our vulnerabilities.  Essentially, employees become better people, organizations flourish as their employees feel included, and satisfaction in doing what is right. Having real, true and authentic discussions around our personal stories will help decrease the racial and political tensions our country faces.  Encouragement to express ourselves freely stops us from making assumptions about how others experience their lives and humanizes people. 

We have to start somewhere. There’s no better time to start than now. 


  • Overview about inclusion, diversity, and equity (IDE)

  • Learning the tools to help be comfortable with being uncomfortable

  • Tying the importance of IDE and having those tough conversations

  • Discuss having those difficult conversations surrounding topics such as race, politics, etc.

  • Cultivating an inclusive environment that includes having those tough conversations

  • Exploring the importance of communication and listening along with having empathy, while discovering our D&I journey.  

Diving Into LGBTQ+ Inclusion


We will discuss inclusion and its impact towards the LGBTQ+ community.  It is

important for allies to understand the coming out process.  Coming out to oneself

is one of the hardest and most challenging times of one’s life. Organizations that

embrace inclusion will find its impact on high retention along with higher levels of

engagement, civility, a sense of belonging, and acknowledge for one to be their full

authentic self.   We’ll discuss how to meaningfully support LGBTQ+ employees and

coworkers, and how allyship is essential; this includes transforming the workplace

to be transgender and nonbinary inclusive.  It is a time when there are legislation

bills out there to diminish LGBTQ+ rights.  While it is important to celebrate Pride

Month in June, we also must be realistic to understand that there is much work to

be done; don’t let our conversations end when Pride Month does. 



  • Discuss the importance of inclusion and how this coincides with the LGBTQ+ community 

  • The important of embracing authenticity

  • What is true allyship and its impact

  • How to meaningfully support LGBTQ+ employees and coworkers and make progress 

  • Understanding LGBTQ+ terms and using pronouns

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