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Why Anthony Paradiso named his Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity Consulting Firm, AllThingzAP?

I’m often asked why your company is named AllThingzAP.

Most recently at a community event, an AP Biology Teacher, who lives in my town, asked if the AP stands for Advanced Physics? – very ironic since science was not one of my strongest subjects.

As most know, my company is an inclusion, diversity, and equity (IDE) consulting firm, where our mission is for all to be their full authentic selves. Please feel free to check out my site for further details:

So now you’re wondering why my company is called, AllThingzAP? First, its pronunciation is


In 2014, I was creating my first Twitter account and couldn’t think of a name. My Twitter account at the time was not going to consist of one topic but many. Thoughts for a name involved using my first name, last name, a special word that meant something to me, etc. But nothing stood out. Then, my husband, Vincent ( and I came up with AllThingzAP. To be honest, I’m not sure which one of us came up with the name first, but nonetheless, one of us did.

A few years after creating my Twitter account, I started to blog, write articles, eventually becoming an influencer which led to speaking events, facilitating workshops, consultation, etc. The work that I started and continue to do led to people and organizations referring to me as AllThingzAP.

Fast forward a few years; I wanted to create my own IDE consulting firm and had difficulty finalizing a name. Do I use my full name, last name, or both? Do I try to be creative and come up with something that doesn’t involve my name? I had several ideas. While coming up with my company name, I started to ask and consult with my professional circle. After a lot of hard work and a lot of discussions, soul searching, and going with my gut, I decided with AllThingzAP. Next, was the logo but that’s for another blog.

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