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Speaking Out During #PrideMonth

#PrideMonth is a very special and important time. It is the time of year when we celebrate LGBTQ+ inclusion. I am the founder/president of AllThingzAP, an inclusion, diversity, & equity (IDE) consulting firm. It is our primary mission for all to be their full authentic selves.

Pride month not only celebrates LGBTQ inclusion but inclusion for all. It celebrates inclusion for all and supports all people regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, ethnicity, etc.

This year I am running for Waldwick Town Council, again. I ran last year and unfortunately did not prevail, but the race was very close. My running mate, Amy Weiner, and I ran on a platform that celebrated diversity and embraced inclusion. We are running on that very same platform this year.

Additionally, I am the Interim President of the Bergen County LGBTQ Democratic Caucus. It has been my practice in the past to not express my political affiliation and opinions as I believed that was best to be neutral. As an IDE consultant, I opted to steer away from my own personal thoughts. At the time, I felt that was the best practice. My approach wasn’t wrong or right – that was just how I handled it.

However, since Donald's Trump's Presidency, it is no longer an issue surrounding just politics, but it is now an issue with what is right vs. wrong, moral vs. immoral, hate vs. love, and fact vs. fiction. My mission and goal are to speak the truth and express how I feel politely and with respect while still promoting diversity, embracing inclusion, educating about equity, and creating a sense of belonging.

Here are a few articles that I have read recently:

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