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Revving up for Pride Virtual Recording with Clinton Shane Bradley (They/He)

It was a pleasure having Clinton Shane Bradley (they/he) as a guest. I wanted us to "Rev Up" for Pride Month. Please feel free to check out the recording. Clinton Shane & I had such an amazing discussion that you can listen to by clicking below. We introduced ourselves, discussed gender pronouns, had a mental health check, shared our coming out stories, including Clinton Shane's Inclusion Spectrum, among other LGBTQ+ issues.

Clinton Shane is a Disruptor, who is the:

  • Chief People Whisperer of BSG Consulting

  • Host of the Upcoming Disrupting and De-Stigmatizing Podcast, Human Realness, which should be airing the first episode sometime in June or July.

  • Co-author of his upcoming book, "Come Back, Shane!" - A Journey To Authenticity.

Clinton Shane's Contact Information:

Email: hello@bsgconsulting

Twitter: @ClintonShaneKC

Instagram: ClintonShaneBradley

Thank you Clinton Shane for being a guest.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions, and concerns. With that, Happy Pride!

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