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New Year Resolutions For Work

New Year’s resolutions at work can help create an inclusive work environment. Everyone in the department or team will state what their work resolution is, and this will form a discussion. This is a way for your department or team to discuss your resolutions. The discussion creates an open and safe dialogue in the workplace that will help embrace inclusion and unite the team. This exercise will help prioritize and guide employees with their roles, goals, work culture, and upcoming projects.

Examples of work resolutions according to HR Morningbrew:

Inclusive decision-making: You want to push decisions downward and give the workforce—no matter the level—the clarity and context they need so they are empowered to own, decide, and participate in the future of the business.

Encouraging everyone to be their true and authentic selves: In this way, decision-making isn’t made in a silo but is open to debate and multiple perspectives.

Including the plurality of your employees no matter location and/or time zone: This aids in fostering community and connection—for the greater good.

Grappling with how to keep remote workers engaged: This will help employees feeling valued, while helping burnt-out and emotionally drained employees feel more hopeful in uncertain times.

For more information about how New Year’s resolutions at work, can work, check out the following site.

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