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My October

Originally posted on November 6, 2019.

October was a hectic yet productive month. I had the opportunity to attend the Garden State Council-SHRM Conference (GSC-SHRM) #GSCSHRM19. This was my third consecutive time attending and my second as the social media chair. Not only did I attend, but I was a presenter too. I also attended the SHRM Inclusion Conference held in New Orleans. This was my first time in New Orleans and it was truly a blast. New Orleans is a great city so I highly recommend going and checking it out. Besides attending the above conferences in October, I had the privilege to present at four events:

The Impact of Unconscious Bias on Diversity & Inclusion at the 2019 Garden State Council SHRM (GSC-SHRM) Conference
How are you Affected by Unconscious Bias? Impact of Unconscious Bias on Diversity and Inclusion for the SHRM Central Jersey Chapter
Understanding your Blind Spots; a Focus on Unconscious Bias for Performance ReNew (Virtual)
Inclusion, Storytelling, and the Importance of Being Your Authentic Self for NJ CUPA-HR
Myself & Richard Pimentel

One of the most memorable moments at #GSCSHRM19 was the closing keynote by Richard Pimentel. Richard Pimentel is one of the leading experts in North America on practical issues in Leadership, Disability Inclusion, Disability Management, Overcoming Barriers, Crises and Change in the Workplace, Disabled Veterans Employment Opportunities, Job Retention, and the Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act. He is an exceptional communicator whose audiences praise his ability to understand and meet the needs of the audience he is presenting to at events. He combines information, humor, and storytelling into an informative package that does not just present the information, but really communicates it in a memorable fashion.

Conference Committee

The #GSCSHRM19 programming was phenomenal. As a diversity & inclusion leader, the programs had a great list of D&I speakers which included Jennifer Brown, Chuck Privitera, Judy Elliott-Pugh, and me (couldn’t leave myself out. LOL), and countless others. Another speaker who stood out was Todd Cohen who spoke about the importance of how to save money by properly managing the unemployment insurance system. Lou Lessig presented his traditional top 10 employment cases of 2019.

North Jersey - Rockland (NJ-RC) SHRM Chapter leadership out at dinner!

Jennifer Brown and myself...definitely recommend her book, "How to Be an Inclusive Leader: Your Role in Creating Cultures of Belonging Where Everyone Can Thrive"

Johnny C. Taylor, JR, SHRM’s President/CEO, was the opening keynote at the SHRM Inclusion Conference. While I do have my concerns with SHRM’s national leadership direction, I firmly believe that SHRM national is an organization that helps many by making a national pledge to hire workers with criminal backgrounds and not only hiring but maintaining the engagement of those in the military services. I highly recommend looking into completing the Veterans at Work Certificate Program.

2019 SHRM Inclusion Conference

At this conference, SHRM emphasized the importance of inclusion. In the past, this conference was referenced as the Diversity Conference, whereas this year the event was called Inclusion. Thus, illustrating the importance of inclusion in the workplace. The five points that Mr. Taylor mentioned were: proving the presence of respect, valuing our strengths, cultivating inclusive managers, aspiring to an intentional resilient inclusive culture, and evaluating your biases. I would like to point out that James Wright and Howard Ross had phenomenal sessions. Additionally, I commend the conference for including gender pronoun ribbons for the name badges. It is very important that we continue to emphasize the use of gender pronouns and if you have questions about the pronouns one can just ask. My gender pronouns are he/him/his. I have had a number of people ask me to explain the gender pronouns, as well as gender identity. Click here for additional details.

Great night out!
Loved the Halloween decor at Ye Olde College Inn (Thank you Drew Brees for the recommendation)
Live Jazz / R&B at Snug Harbor

Additionally, I am part of the Human Relations Commission. We had our annual conference that focused on Implicit Bias.

-->Stay tuned for upcoming news. I’m a little early but I want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving and a very happy holiday season. If you would like for me to speak at one of your events, please feel free to reach out to me anytime.

---> I attended WorkHuman this year in Nashville and really had a great time. The conference was amazing with great speakers, presenters, concurrent sessions, etc. The track that focuses on diversity & inclusion was excellent. I highly recommend attending next year's conference that is being held in San Antonio. If you register, please use this code WHL20-ANTPAR to receive 20% off. Click here for info

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