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LGBTQ Inclusion

A lack of inclusive education and identity reflection in school curriculums can lead to a development of hostile school environments by ignoring identities and experiences. Thus, making LGBTQ students less likely to feel comfortable speaking with their teachers about issues they are facing in their lives. Additionally, LGBTQ students may feel less safe at school and face greater rates of anti-LGBTQ harassment.

Joseph Kosciw, GLSEN research director, stated that any students seeing themselves included in the curriculum are more engaged in their education, and thrive more. They're more connected to school, and they often do better in school.

Preston Mitchum, Policy Director for Unite for Reproduction and Gender Equity, states “when you don’t see yourself being reflected in the education that you receive and in the information that you learn - that can cause negative mental and physical health outcomes.”

Recently, I have announced that I’m running for town council again this year. Diversity and Inclusion is an important tenet of my campaign, which is why I am ecstatic that the Board of Education worked to install a new flagpole by the high school. The flagpole will fly a variety of flags throughout the year based on the national observance and commemorative listing of the Library of Congress. It was an honor to raise the Pride flag on Saturday with my running mate, Amy Weiner.

Click link for LGBTQ Pride Month & Education Resources:

I saw the below on social media and thought it could be helpful:

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