Carnival of HR- January 2021 Edition

It is my pleasure to be hosting this month’s #HRCARNIVAL (Carnival of HR) especially on this historic day. January 20, 2021, the United States will swear in Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Kamala Harris, as President and Vice-President respectively. It will be refreshing to see more diversity in the inclusive Biden-Harris administration. It is essential that diversity be celebrated, inclusion is embraced, and equity is valued. I’m optimistic that after this day, we will be turning a new page and journeying back to some hope, empathy, and love in America.

Below are the latest posts from influential leaders surrounding HR, recruiting, technology, leadership, diversity and inclusion, etc. You’ll see the link of the author’s post with a brief highlight taken directly from that post.

Please be well, safe, and healthy.

Mark Fogel, Human Capital 3.0, CEO & Co-Founder

What is ‘That’ Time When If You’re Going To Do It, You Better Do It Now?

If you really want something go for it. What is the thing you have always wanted but have not summoned the courage to go after? What is your WHY and is it still a reason to avoid pursuing a dream?

If it is your time, don’t let it pass you by. Just go for it….the worst that will happen is you you won’t succeed, but with the knowledge that you tried.

Jessica Miller-Merrell, Workology, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

5 Virtual Meeting and Workshop Activities You Need to Try

Virtual meetings, workshops, and conferences can make participation and engagement really challenging. What has worked for us for in-person events—like meet your team bingo, scavenger hunt icebreakers or breaking a large group into smaller activity teams—is much more difficult when we are presenting virtually. It’s especially important for HR leaders to have a few tricks up our sleeves to share with our company leaders and make meetings and workshops engaging for a virtual workforce.

Making online meetings engaging is a challenge. Research from MIT Sloan suggests that as many as 50% of virtual meetings are ineffective at holding our attention, accomplishing the goal, and helping move your program, project, or goal forward.

Prasad Kurian, Organization Development and Talent Management Leader

The Silent Organization

Stories come alive (for the storyteller and for the listener) only when they come 'straight from the heart' and that can happen only if the employees can connect with the story (and the organization) emotionally (and not just rationally). So, in an organization that doesn't invest in building and sustaining an emotional connect with the employees, employees are unlikely to connect with 'corporate-sponsored stories' and they are even more unlikely to tell those stories to newcomers. Yes, the employees might derive some pleasure in ridiculing the 'corporate-sponsored storytelling' attempt!

Sabrina Baker, Acadia HR Solutions, CEO

What I'm Working on Wednesday - Compliance Basics

Obviously, companies need to be legally compliant. Depending upon state, what I call regular “compliance maintenance” is crucial. There are many states that always have new laws that take effect January 1st of every year. California of course is one, but it’s not limited to the Golden State. Many others have new laws that take effect that impact small businesses. These new laws often require updates to an employee handbook and know how in understanding how to implement.

Laurie Ruettimann, Keynote Speaker, Influencer, Author

Building a Job That Works for You with Mylena Sutton

Anyone who bets on themself is OK in my book, and my guest in this episode is here to empower you to make a big career change and turn work into what you want it to be.

Mylena Sutton is the founder of Voltage Vista LLCand a self-proclaimed leadership development fanatic. Mylena believes that personal leadership principles can guide teams toward greater alignment and productivity. But that’s not why I’m talking to her today: Mylena’s entrepreneurial story resonates with me — and will for so many of you, too. She’s a former HR lady who really took the time to invest in herself and put herself first.

If you’re thinking of making a big career change in 2021, we recorded this episode just for you.

Also, Laurie’s book just came out. Click here for details.

Steve Browne, LaRosa’s, Vice President of HR

Every Moment

Enjoying every moment with all people is an even bigger expectation, but I think it’s needed now more than ever. If we would cherish the moments we have with each other, I think we would appreciate people as the wonderful, creative, and humorous works in progress we ALL are. I know there will continue to be trials, disappointments and failures. However, I can be assured that I will have people who will be doing life with me and the moments we share together will help us work through whatever we’re facing.

Start your year with a positive outlook which will take you forward through the years to come. Enjoy every moment !!

Dorothy Dalton, Talent Management Strategy, CEO, Career Coach & Trainer

Looking Ahead to 2021

Everything we have learned in 2020 we can take with us going forward because some of the adjustments we had to make will not go away, not just in the short term, perhaps not ever. After 2020 went to hell in a hand cart you would think it would be foolish to take a stab at this. It probably is, but I’m going to have a go looking into my glass ball!

Looking ahead to 2021 these are some of the main trends I think we will see or hope now 2020 is behind us. 2021 can only be an improvement.

Micole Garatti, Fairygodboss, Director of B2B Marketing

Add These 6 Words to Job Descriptions to Attract and Hire More Women

Between our sessions at Galvanize about supporting women at work, Zurich’s study on improving job descriptions to attract the talent you want, and the studies that force us to question our typical work day and week, it’s clear that the ways in which we’ve been working simply don’t work. What’s also clear is that we now know what specific steps we can take to correct our past mistakes and actually achieve gender equality (and all the benefits that come with it.)

John Baldino, Humareso, President

"Easy Street”

Innovation is a value to the organization. Rewarding it is appropriate. Incentivizing it poorly will constrict creativity as quickly as its encouraged. These ideas are not likely to put an employee on Easy Street; save that option for MegaMillions.

Jazmine Wilkes, HR Leader


A few years ago my friend Kristina Minyard (@HRecruit / and I started talking about creating a platform to speak to HR Newbies and HR Professionals. Living in the same area, it seemed to be a great idea. We didn’t want to do a podcast, so we made the crazy choice to get on YouTube … what were we thinking!...

Follow us on Instagram @bakedhr and join us every Sunday night at 7pm cst as we go Live and tell some HR Horror Stories and rant about our favorite (not really) HR topics like “War for Talent” (barf) and Millennials (take a shot). Plus, you know I still have a love of all things funny memes and gifs so we share a lot of those!

Stuart Rudner, Rudner Law, Employment Lawyer & Mediator

Ontario Government Issues 2nd State of Emergency Order, Imposes New Restrictions

As has been the case since last March, it is critical that employers and employees understand their rights and obligations despite frequently changing laws, guidelines and circumstances.

Yvonne LaRose, Career Coach, Diversity Title VII Consultant, & Abuse Consultant

Turning a New Page

Some say 2020 was the year from Hell. Actually, it's wise to see it as the training year when one challenge after another was tossed into our ocean of civilization. Many have not only faced all of the challenges but succeeded because of them. Adaptations, accommodations, creativity, modifications have evolved where we had not considered the alternatives that have become our mode.

Anthony Paradiso, AllThingzAP, Founder/President

Representation Matters

Seeing Mayor Pete having a successful caucus and primary run in the beginning of the campaign was historic for the LGBTQ+ community. Let’s face it; there isn’t much LGBTQ+ political representation. Therefore, it was really exciting to witness Mayor Pete do so well. Then, on December 16th, 2020, President-Elect Biden nominated Pete Buttigieg to serve as Secretary of Transportation. This was another historic moment in American history. This is the first time an American President has ever sent an openly LGBTQ+ cabinet nominee to the Senate for confirmation.

Representation matters - Diversity matters - Inclusion matters - Equity matters

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