Be You * Love Yourself

I married my husband 5 years ago 6/27/15, the day after the historic SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling. We were ecstatic that the SCOTUS ruling was the day before our wedding. I’m rather private but want to share my anniversary and story with those individuals who are having a hard time coming out and/or are afraid or not comfortable being your true self. Coming out and learning about yourself takes time. It did for me. Every day, I’m still learning something new about myself. We all have our own journey so we can be our F-A-B-O-U-L-O-U-S AUTHENTIC SELVES. <3 Be You * Love Yourself <3

There’s a process with coming out. There’s coming out to yourself, which is most important, and then there is coming out to your family, friends, & colleagues. These are not easy, especially coming out to yourself. You may feel alone but after time and patience, it gets better. Don’t rush what you are going through in your life. Let things happen organically. I know it sounds much easier, but I promise you’ll get there. We all should be comfortable to be our full authentic selves, regardless of our sexual orientation, color of our skin, gender, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, etc.

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