Anthony Paradiso Statement Regarding Town Council Election

Running for Waldwick Town Council was an experience that I will never forget. Although not elected to the town council, I’m proud that I was the first openly LGBTQ+ candidate in our town’s history. I also want to emphasize that this was a close race and that our campaign made great strides. This was my first time running for local office. I’m extremely proud of our campaign which promoted change, diversity of thought, and embracing inclusion. It is essential that everyone have a seat at the table - regardless of the color of their skin, their religion, sexual orientation, gender, political affiliation, their tenure in town, occupation, education, etc.

I want to personally thank the Waldwick Democratic Committee for their hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. A special thank you to Councilperson Nicole McNamara, Wendy Klein, Kattia Maria (Burgos), Leigh Ann Stahli, Beth Bortnick, Elise Edelmann Dittamo, & Jimmy McNamara.

Thank you to my running mate, Amy Weiner, the first Jewish candidate in our town’s history. It was an honor and privilege to run by her side. She is a rising star in our community.

Due to COVID-19 and extreme political tension, this was an unrecognizable election season. Our campaign had to think unconventionally by having numerous virtual meet and greets. Incidentally, one Zoom Meeting was hacked (please click here for further details). Besides virtual, we also had a number of in person socially distant, ‘Meet the Candidates”, which were well attended. It was great meeting new people in town and discussing important issues. We had a food drive and a Trex recycling program which are ongoing.

My wonderful Nephew, Jonathan

I really enjoyed running for town council so who knows what’s next. I promise this, I’ll strive for individuals to embrace their authenticity and to always be your authentic self. Along with authenticity, I’ll strive for common decency, empathy, compassion, and the will to listen.

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