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Point Made Learning

Anthony has partnered with Point Made Learning as a senior consultant.  Please Contact Anthony via email aparadiso@live.com with any questions.

Point Made Learning (PML) is the consulting and programming extension of Point Made Films, a production company focused on telling stories about the many layers of American identity. PML use documentary film to facilitate productive discussions around the most uncomfortable topics we face in American society - starting with racism. They've taken an innovative approach to raising awareness and organizing communities through a unique combination of storytelling, real talk, and digital tools. PML tell true stories and teach powerful lessons about issues that matter.  

These are the two programs that Anthony highly recommends:


(The American Dream Experience - Life-Size)
Imagine your favorite childhood board games combined with challenging lessons and conversations for a structured-play experience about how bias, stereotypes, discrimination, and systemic inequity can block our path toward “The American Dream.” If you want a more diverse and innovative workforce, you need to start with inclusion. This interactive workshop - customized for your organization - will get you there.

--There is now a mini size broad game as well


The documentary “I'm Not Racist... Am I? follows 12 teens on a remarkable journey as they learn about racism. For the past three years, at more than 300 screenings all around the U.S., this film has been breaking open the conversation we all need to be having. 

Now, PML is using this powerful story as the foundation for a new online training program designed for the workplace - a judgment-free, private learning experience you can take online and at your own pace.

The three hour course is divided into eight modules. Each module contains a chapter of the documentary, followed by lessons, quizzes, and reflection exercises.

What sets this program apart is that you're watching a story, so you’ll want to go through the course… because you’ll want to know what happens next. These young people will inspire you to push past your comfort zone and get real about race and racism. Their fresh, raw perspectives will lead the way for us to face difficult questions about our own beliefs and actions… and ultimately make some changes.

Then, when you’re ready to look deeper, we’ve provided advanced learning modules, plus discussion questions and facilitation guides to help you continue the conversation.

So if you’re looking to help your organization better understand the nuance, complexity, and relevance of race and racism, then you’re ready for this course. This program will equip you with the overall knowledge you need to successfully navigate the situations you face every day.