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The Value of HR Certification, Part 2. Discussions with Phidelia Johnson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP and Anthony Paradiso, MS, SHRM-CP.

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Being LGBTQ has finally arrived in 2020 and it's UK LGBT History Month. Amanita Nomi who is originally from Germany and is a councillor helping those who identify as transgender joins us to talk about trans rights and her transgender partner.

Anthony Paradiso from AllThingzAP talks about being your authentic self and what employers can do to make the workplace more diverse and inclusive.

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Anthony Paradiso is the Founder & President of AllThingzAP and a member of the LGBTQ+ community. On The Diversity Pivot Podcast, we're having tough conversations about privilege, inclusion, and leadership journeys. Anthony joins the podcast to share vulnerably about:

- How to be an ally for diversity and inclusion in your local community
- Why it matters that all people feel like they can be their full authentic selves at work
- How to navigate uncomfortable conversations at diversity and signal to others you want to be ally

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The HR Social Hour Half Hour Podcast indicated "We're joined by Anthony Paradiso, HR Business Partner and Account Executive with Industrial U.I. Services in the greater New York City area.  We talk about how he landed his job through Craigslist, unconscious bias, and Anthony's volunteering at all levels with SHRM."

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Sharing our stories with others and listening to their own unique stories can be an incredibly powerful way to bridge differences and form stronger relationships based on understanding and empathy. In this episode of What’s The Difference, HR and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion expert Anthony Paradiso from AllThingzAP explains the importance of storytelling as we work toward more equitable and inclusive organizations. 

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The HR Social Hour Half Hour Podcast welcomed Anthony Paradiso back to the show!  We talk about the challenges organizations have faced with DEI initiatives in the last several years, being willing to listen, running for town council, and "The Golden Girls." 

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