Facilitate Experience

According to The University of Albany, "the purpose of the Privilege Walk Activity is to learn to recognize how power and privilege can affect our lives even when we are not aware it is happening. The purpose is not to blame anyone for having more power or privilege or for receiving more help in achieving goals, but to have an opportunity to identify both obstacles and benefits experienced in our life."

*NOTE: This is a very “high risk” activity that requires trust building and safety for participants; introducing this activity too early in the training or before building trust risks creating resentment and hurt that can inhibit further sharing and openness."

- Facilitated the privilege walk at the GSC-SHRM Leadership Summit in October 2017

- Facilitated the privilege walk for the Morris  County SHRM Chapter in January 2018

- Facilitated the privilege walk for Princeton University, Library Leadership Team, January, 2020

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