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Be your authentic self

When you are your true self, you’ll notice that is when you are at your best. This includes coming up with great ideas and having a clearer vision. Obviously, this enhances your inner being but, who else benefits? Hmmmmm…Yes, you got it, your employer. Read more

Anthony Paradiso, MS, SHRM-CP

Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity / Human Resources Consultant

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Mogul announced Anthony Paradiso is on its 2021 Awards List for the ’Top 100 DEI Leaders’! 

These individuals have made enormous strides in implementing progressive practices, 

striving for DEI across all levels of their organization, and creating a welcoming, 

nurturing workplace for all employees. These leaders were determined through 

weighted scoring, taking into account the development and implementation of 

new practices, support and resources for employees, and social contributions 

to raise the bar or industry-wide work standards.

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